Gouge It Out!

And if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell.  Matthew 18:9 

Gentlemen, this instruction came from the mouth of Jesus Christ himself over twenty centuries ago.  Twenty centuries prior – over two thousand years – before Playboy, Hustler,  and Penthouse magazines, XXX-rated videos, and PPV Movies-on-Demand combined to create a pornography industry that in 2006 had an estimated  gross revenues of $97B world-wide ($13B US) – Jesus recognized that what men spent their time looking at was not always good.

  • Every second of the day, 28,000 people are viewing pornographic material on the internet.
  • Every second – 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines.
  • Every second – $3,075 is being spent on pornography.
  • Every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United States.

It’s big business. The pornography industry has larger revenues than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple and Netflix combined.

  • Pornographic websites  –  4.2 million (12%)
  • Pornographic web pages – 420 million
  • Pornographic Search Engine Requests -68 million (25%)
  • Internet Users Who view Porn – (42.7%)

Who’s Participating? Pretty much, everybody…

  • Largest Consumers of Internet Porn  are 35-44 years old  (26%)
  • 2nd Largest Consumers of Internet Porn are 25-34 years old (20%)
  • 3rd Largest Consumers of Internet Porn are 18-24 years old (14%)
  • 4th Largest Consumers of Internet Porn are 45-54 years old (21%)

In a recent survey 47% of Christians admitted that pornography is a problem in their home!    That quite simply means that if pornography is not a problem you are dealing with in your home – there is a high probability that it is an  issue in the life of your closest friend.  There is also a high probability that one or both of you have either lied to the other or simply avoided this topic all together.

NEWSFLASH #1:  Men have secrets!  Steven Arterburn, Author of Every Man’s Battle and The Secrets Men Keep spells out for us, the bottom line reality about our little secrets (which he insists  you and I already know)   –  “the majority of the time our little secrets are held out of fear –  the fear of embarrassment, shame, guilt, loss of respect, loss of stature, repercussions and the like.  In other words, most men keep secrets for all the wrong reasons, understandable reasons, but wrong none the less.” 

What about you – what secrets are you hiding?  If your answer is none – GET REAL!  Stop the charade!  Every man has secrets, some of us more than others.  Like it or not, they are part of our male makeup.

NEWSFLASH #2:  As a male, you are visually stimulated.  Perhaps you don’t want to admit it publicly (yet another little secret) but every marketing expert worth their paycheck knows it and they exploit it.  Sex sells!   Buy the car – get the half-naked girl,  wear designer cloths – you become a chick magnet.  Buy undergarments from Victoria’s Secret and help your overweight, out of shape spouse be instantly transformed into the perfectly designed bigger than life, anorexic super-model plastered on your TV (silicone implants not included).

What? Don’t pretend you don’t know  what I’m talkin’ about!  It’s the commercial you take your time turning your eyes away from, the one where it takes you like ‘forever’ to hit the channel button on the remote, the one you don’t have enough respect for your wife to get up and leave the room for when it comes on.  If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, ask your wife or girlfriend – I’m sure they know and they would be quite happy to help you pluck your eye out the next time it comes on!

Sexually provocative stimulation saturates your world – TV commercials, billboards, buses, subway trains, taxi cabs, internet sites – all designed to assault you with sensual images.  Yes, it is impossible to avoid such temptations…. BUT, it is not impossible to rise above them.

You CAN control your thought life.  You CAN control what your eyes see, and you CAN escape the trap of sexual immorality!  I know guys who are winning this battle.  Here are some of the resources they have used to break the bondage of sexual addiction:

http://www.XXXChurch.org,   http://www.X3Watch.com,   http://www.SettingCaptivesFree.com

As a last resort, you may find this site extremely helpful:  http://eyepatches.com


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